Music To Our Ears

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Video of Willow announcing that she has laid an egg. (Note: It’s really only interesting for the audio, not the visuals.

Poultry Portraiture

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Michael took these lovely and charismatic images of our girls. Call him if you’re in need of Poultry Portraiture.

They Grow Up So Fast! Part 4 (Eggs!)

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At least two, if not three of our chickens are laying eggs. Michael spotted one and when we looked closer, we found 6 more eggs in a little pile inside the coop. We know Gandalf isn’t laying since she’s going … Continued

Welcome to Chickenheim!

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Chickenheim is a modest housing development nestled in the heart of Erdenheim, PA. Fashioned out of a neglected play set, it provides its deniz-hens with all the comforts of home, and shelter from the foxes and hawks that prowl the … Continued

They Grow Up So Fast! Part 2

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The first real change we noticed in the chicks was the growth of their tail feathers!  They also seem to enjoy climbing on us, which we’ve encouraged because it’s supposed to reduce later pecking and fear of contact (in both … Continued

They Grow Up So Fast! Part 1

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We are pretty shocked at how quickly the chickies have grown into hens. Here are some of the pictures from their first week in the world.